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I want to say thank you so much not only to God but to Jesus for this man.


Favourite interview- Something Sessions

DanBecause our expectations are relatively low and I guess we’re quite guarded and cynical, it just means that when really nice things happen, like Glastonbury we’re able to step back and enjoy them, because hand on heart we were not expecting that to happen and when it did we were completely run away by it. We feel really lucky and we may enjoy this things even more. If the time ever comes when you expect a massive crowd to come and see you, where’s the fun in that?

WillAnd also I think our drummer Woody, he’s the ambitious one, but because the rest of us aren’t, he has to be quite secretive, and he goes like: When do we play stadiums?… I mean, If we ever get to play stadiums” But in his head, we’re there.


Hi, we’re Bastille






bastille through the years

Well Kyle looked a lot different when they first started out huh?

(Can’t tell if youre joking or not)

since it;s the internet.. You’LL NevEr Knowwwww……………. ;O


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Bastille // Xmas Secret Santa (x)


Happy Christmas to all of you lovely, beautiful people! Hope you all have the most amazing day x